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The Cross Garage Gym

The Difference Between Exercise and Training

The Cross Garage Gym was specifically designed to test the physical and mental limits of the everyday athlete and fathers/mothers of our community, the youth and future athletes of tomorrow. It’s a gym that provides the essentials tools to get you into the best shape of your life.


Dave Maggiore


Dave has competed on all levels and types of competition from inside the cage as a professional MMA fighter to on the mats as an advanced jiu jitsu and karate competitor. Through his years of training with many of the top practitioners he has gain a vast wealth of knowledge and has prepared athletes for professional and amateur events as well as self defense and sport conditioning.

Mike Stella


Owner and Director of Athletic Performance Innovation, where he advises on and develops programs for schools, organizations, and individuals regarding anything from training to adapted physical education.

Chris Cavallerano


Chris Cavallerano is a certified Underground Strength & Conditioning coach, a CrossFit Level 1 and CrossFit Kid’s trainer as well as a BOKS Advanced Lead trainer and member of the Spartan Foundation’s The 431 Project. He leads fitness sessions at the Garage Gym that blend unique programming and proven techniques that strengthen the body, mind, and spirit. He consults on goal setting, training, nutrition, and other areas of wellness with groups and individuals of all ages and fitness levels.